It's hard to believe that three years and a few editons of 40K have come and gone since our last post! Other than AirmanG, none of us have really played 40K in the last few years. When the latest edition of 40K was released a month ago, myself, Bossman, Boltergeist, and AirmanG decided to try it out. To go along with the new edition, we've decided to do a monthly painting challenge similar to GamesWorkshop's "A Tale of Four Gamers".

For our first month, we decided to paint up the minimum needed for a Patrol Detachment, plus anything extra. A few of us are trying to finish up old projects and get rid of our backlog of miniatures.

AirmanG decided to paint up the new Nurgle miniatures from the Dark Imperium box set. Here's what he's done so far.

Asmodai is still trying to finish his Crimson Slaughter models from the Dark Vengeance starter set.

Boltergeist is working on an Imperium force, and is starting out with some Flesh Tearers Space Marines.

And sneaking in last, is Bossman who is also working on an Imperial force based around Raven Guard Space Marines.

We're already working towards our second month's goal, which is two units of our choice. Check back between now and then for some work in progress posts!