Pic from their website and entirely
too well painted and clean to be
one of my paint jobs!
Aways back, I ordered a single 'fantasy pirate' (which just happens to have the same build/stature of a Grymn) from Hasslefree minis. This order took what seemed like an inordinate amount of time to arrive, but given that (1) toys are rarely a high priority when it comes to necessities and (2) they generously sent a second, free mini as compensation for the delay, hell...if anything I encourage them to be late every time! lol, yes they're still my favorite mini company in case anyone was wondering. :-)

He'll be a Rogue Trader (force commander) leading the Outremar contingent allied to my Salamanders. I have a little fluff write up for hm already, but will save that for when he's all painted up.

The semi-insane Myr'dok in all her glory!

The gifted mini was the companion pirate to the one I ordered. As you can see, I already had one of these painted up as Myr'dok for the G-Team for Rogue Stars (you know, that game I like making crews and back stories for, but don't actually play...). So I'm not sure what I'll do with the freebee just yet. Perhaps my beloved Wolfy or Hoss will want her for one of their RS crews or something.