SCHULTZ! has commanded Da Eleet Grot Mountin' Duvishun ever since he lead the charge in which my grots earned that title. That game, way back when, was a Kill Point battle vs. the nids. After some outflanking genestealers obliterated my Killa Kans, da grots lead by an enraged SCHULTZ! repelled out of some ruins and suicidally charged the stealers! Despite heavy casualties, THREE FULL TURNS later the hive mind redirected some hormagaunts into that particular fray to avoid losing a kill point! And thus Da Grot Duvishun's legacy was born. 

Since then SCHULTZ! has (for the most part) dutifully lead Da Eleet Grot Mountin Divishun, including once in its entirety (200+ grots) vs. da lil' lions of 'arlek. In that epic blood bath he took on the mantle of Ork Warboss (I don't recall who won that one, only just that da duvishun was reduced to its usual number by game's end).

SCHULTZ!'s other most notable action came when he lead yet another suicide charge into some Deff Wing Termies who had tellyported into da backfield and were running amok!

Suk it oomies!!!

Despite Da Grot Duvishun's valiant (yet feeble) assault, no Termies were injured for the loss of all of the grots. However rather than let da oomies run amok once more in their following movement phase, SCHULTZ! laughed in the face of his impending doom and rolled a snake eyes for his morale test, pinning them in place (but not for much longer)!

Da new runtherder, vs da lil' lions again.

Anyways, in his last few battles, SCHULTZ! has fought as a regular slugga grunt and one of my weedy spanners who has a squighound on his base has assumed command of da Grot Duvishun.

Green iz BEST! (even for coats)

As such, SCHULTZ! got a minor, partial repaint and will now serve as the nob of my small Kommandos mob. True, he's no bigger than the other kommandos, but he's gotta fancy coat, hat and iz a proovin',  kunnin' leader!