Notta whole lot of progress on the hobby front this week aside from priming a bucket load of minis which is anything but exciting. I had intended on posting a Kill Team battle report, however whilst Da Long Ways Dezert Groop is capable of slogging for 20 minutes thru a torrential downpour, my opposing forces who live 10 minutes from the FLGS, and more importantly were merely suffering from lightly raining conditions and didn't want to come out due to the inclement weather. 

Apparently, in the Grim Darkness of the Future, war is only fought (inside) on a sunny day.

Deth to oomes!

So instead all I have on offer is my meager painting progress of finishing off the half-painted (for ages now) 'MO DAKKA!' Mo earned his name way back when, in the one Shadow War game that I played where he proved to be far more effective than any one Shoota boy ought to be. He's one of the Maxmini Green Alliance Kickstarter minis and is now serving unda da kommand of SCHULTZ! as one of my two Blood Axe Kommando big shoota boys. 

Only 3 more Kommandos to paint. ETA of squad completion: a year or three...

However unlike his lone performance in Shadow War, we all know that Ork Kommandos haven't been worth a damn since 2nd ed 40k, so odds are he'll just die horribly in the typical Kommando fashion.