In the Grim Darkness of Kill Team, Chaos Marines
once again come across as pretty bland...

Okay so, I originally made these guys to be 30k Blackshields in pariah armor with pariah bolters (i.e.: kinda shitty power armor and bolters). However after going in a different direction with my 30k army, these guys suddenly found themselves unemployed. Instead I'm thinking of just using them as chaos marines in Kill Team, but as recent turncoats like the Relictors, or the Avenging Sons' 3rd company, but their color scheme/theme really isn't my concern.

What is my concern is their weaponry. 

I like my forces to be as close to WYSIWYG as is possible (well, I do plan to run Tau 'Muppets' so there is often some ambiguity, but even their weapons are kinda obvious). So...do you think folks would be opposed to using these guys' weapons as the actual Necromunda Goliath stub cannons that they are, rather than the flavorless, generic bolters that virtually every fucking flavor of marine has? 

Stub cannons have no KT stats, however they're easily convertible to KT as: 18" range, Assault:1, S:5, D:1 AP:0 with no special rules. Point cost would be zero like most basic weapons, as Strength 5 aside, they're really kinda meh.

God I love this mini!

Another question would be my leader's Goliath Renderizer. I figure a powerfist would be obvious as it does look rather unwieldy, though a power maul/axe would probably be a better fit. However only the Deathwatch has access to those weapons. 

So, what do y'all think?

On a different note, My Beloved Wolfy has finally expressed interest in playing Kill Team. I was supposed to give her a demo game this past weekend, but real life being what it is, that didn't happen. So perhaps we'll give it another try one night this week instead. Curiously, she wants to play Chaos marines (but not the guys above) rather than her Fem Fa'Tau. 

She's complained many a time of her dismay at my selling off of my old chaos marines which was the first army she used. However she's taken a keen interest in the new chaos marines in the shadowspear box (well, all except for the obliterator). So there's a good chance we'll get that set. The chaos will all be 'hers', I'll probably just keep a chunk of the primaris marines, and we'll sell off the remainder to recoup some of the expense...or rather that's the plan at least, I guess we'll see...