SASM/Footsore Ukrainian Range

The Aidar Battalion, named after the River Aidar, was a Kiev Loyalist militia formed from volunteers in the Luhansk Region to fight Russian backed separatists. It rapidly grew to about 400 men and women.

The semi official unit utilised a variety of equipment and uniforms suitable for a light infantry militia.

The detachment above is equipped with Russian weapons and a mix of current and obsolete camo-gear.

Seven have assault rifles, the medic also carrying a disposable one-shot RPG 22, and is supported by a sniper, RPG 7 man, and a PK LMG gunner.

24-й БТрО ЗСУ «Айдар».png
Unit Badge

The Adair Battalion became notorious for atrocities and far right politics - not unusual for either side in the Ukraine War. It was deactivated at the end of 2014 and reformed as a regular army unit.

Rear View

Not entirely issue headgear.

Close Up

The ubiquitous RPG7 - one of the most successful modern infantry weapons in the modern world.

Fire Team

Mote the medic bag and RPG 22 (or similar) on the first gunman.

A Range of Camo

A memoir from one of the Aidar fighters is available on Amazon.

Around 130 Aidar fighters/soldiers were killed between 2014-18, not all by the enemy. Drink and modern weapons are a lethal combination.