I can't honestly say I have the new weathering washes, contrast paint, or even Agrellan Earth all figured out. However I've managed to get two Hounds of Demos marines to look both fairly similar and for the most part in the way I had originally envisioned (albeit via different routes). Now the trick is to maintain a consistent look without taking for bloody ever as these first two did...

Picking up from my last post, this is where i had left off from, with one marine washed and the other not.

I gave the marine on the left a very light dry brushing of bleached bone (or rather Vallejo's equivalent) prior to adding the wash. That apparently gave the surface enough grip for the wash to coat pretty evenly and as such I'll be using this method from here on out. 

The marine on the right was the previously washed, blended and sealed marine as seen in my prior post. So I just slathered on another coat and hoped for the best which as it turns out more or less ended up matching the other one.

After brushing/blending the excess dried wash off, I hit em with a quick layer of varnish before painted the bases. I then applied Agrellan Earth. I guess maybe I ought to have sealed the bases as well? Despite the solid coating, the Agrellan peeled up the base coat with itself revealing the white primer and excess orange contrast beneath. 

Then of course there's the issue of the Agrellan not even closely resembling the shade of the sand wash. So I gave the bases a quick, light inking which filled in the cracks covering the orange and white nicely. I then applied a light dry brush of bleached bone, but the tone still wasn't right, so I then added another layer of German yellow ochre and that matched the sand wash well enough to call the models 'done' pending a final coat of varnish. 

The Hounds' chapter icon. I had originally wanted to put the company number above it, but the decal application over that much of the pauldron's curve caused me to change my mind...

Like a vehicle heading down a dusty trail, the most grime collects on the rear. I guess there was some heavy/extended sprinting drills or something.

The finished doubly washed  battle brother.

A note on the other chapter markings: The white tactical arrow has been retained following the black arrow debacle. The right knee shows the company color, with the squad number below it on the greave armor. 

Oh, and I've since fixed that little white dot of missing paint on the right side marine's base.

Here are my first two Hounds of Demos. First squad, 5th battle company of the Hounds of Demos as photographed on the northern steppes of Backyardistan, Appalachian Subsector. 

I haven't formalized and fluff or backstory to go with this budding force yet, though I do have a few ideas percolating in the back of my mind...