Nissan Technical

"Ladees and Genu'llmen - the star of our show - fresh from our workshops in downtown Kabul - I give you - THE NISSAN TECHNICAL" - (promogirls go wild).


"As you can see, it is fitted with the tried and tested favourite of the irregular militia - the good ole Dooshka 12.7 heavy machine gun" - (promo girls throw headscarves into the air).

"This reliable weapon isn't some backstreet knock off of the famous Soviet equaliser - Oh No! - it's a genuine Chinese knock off."

"The AA mount is welded to the floor of the pickup so that there will be no embarrassing moments on CNN - like falling off'ove the back when when test firing."

Attaching Your Gun - Firmly

Incidentally, these things are a scratch modellers dream. Have a look at this genuine lash-up (from Technical- Osprey New Vanguard 257).

One Careful Owner

"Admittedly, there is some minor damage acquired from when the car was requisitioned from the previous owner by means of an AK47 - but this has (mostly) been repaired with a new steel plate to replace the driver's window and a bit o' BMP track to armour the door."

""And a little bit o' rust has got into the paint damage on the wing but the motah is as sweet as a nut - after all, 120,000 km is the sweet spot."

The truck is from Antenocitis Workshop and the weapon and gunner from Eureka UK.