This little bastard was much harder to correctly insert
into place then he well ought to have been.

A thought occurred to me the other day as I fought to properly fit the grot gunner into his portion of the Blitz Bomma's cockpit. Boy, what a lot of fun THAT was...and here I was thinking that people kept building dakka jets for the 4 supa-shootas, only to realize it was to avoid having to deal with the infernal gunner!

Despite my bitching, the gunner is properly seated whilst da pilot's left arm isn't...

But anyways, that aforementioned thought...about a decade ago, my stepfather passed away of cancer. Awful stuff that is, as was the situation. I took a leave of absence from work to go to Florida to be with him for a few weeks before he went and then a few more afterwards for Mom. 

Da Grot Spee, firing a full broadside!

As what I figured would be a much needed coping mechanism, I brought the as yet unpainted Grot Mega Tank (a.k.a.: Da Grot Spee)  with me to give me something to focus on and shut the world around me out for a little bit each day. This worked quite well for me and I worked at it a little be little each day, before and after he had passed. 

That only made the red beakies angrier than they normally are. This is probably my favorite in-game pic ever! Here you see Da Eleet Grot Mountin' Duvishun charging, in a futile attempt to assist Da Grot Spee...

Skip forward to the present, reeling from the loss of My Beloved Wolfy, I found myself at first in a hobby malaise, and then jumping whole hog into working on my Blitz Bomma that had been buried for years (though had I bothered to put in a half hour of work I could have uncovered it at any time). However it wasn't till I was fighting with the above mentioned grot, that I realized I was once again working thru my grief via another Ork vehicle project.

Gettin' ready to shoot da tail some more!

Unlike the Grot mega tank this go round it really wasn't a conscious decision, but hopefully it'll work out just the same. Also I can only hope that the bomma turns out as well as Da Grot Spee, which in my opinion is one of my best painted models. I guess we'll see. Regardless, much like this ol' blog that I can't seem to put down despite my repeated, half-assed attempts to wander away from 40k, Da Orks iz always 'ere for me. 

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