It's already filled with a random smattering of favorites, of which only the Grot Spee, Baby Squiggoth and Exodite Autarch on the griffin are likely to see any actual future in-game use. 

I've always wanted one, but they're usually quite expensive and take up a fair bit of my little house's limited space. However and old friend of My Beloved Wolfy whom I'd never personally had met until this purchase was selling one for a mere $75 and I pounced on it! His parents had stored it at his house during a move and never retrieved it. He himself had never used it for anything and it never made it back to them or their estate sale. 

It's solid wood and as you can see it also has a mirror back panel and interior light. the boxes on top are full of My Wolfy's mementos that I don't have the heart to go through/look at right now, as well as the hat she wore at our wedding and a few Halloween decos (her favorite holiday).