I based him the same as Dev0504, meaning they'll both likely fight alongside one another in Stargrave at some point.

Teague grew up the child of diplomats, spending his childhood traveling the galaxy. Honestly, his early years were the envy of most children I would imagine (and that's excluding the fact that most Squat children were devoured by the Nids). He had an eye for the worlds his family visited and took to pict recorders naturally. He easily ought to have been famous the galaxy over, but wasn't by personal choice. 

Despite being an abhuman, he was accepted for and contented himself with a menial and meagerly pict recorder position within the Imperial Propagandus division of the Administratum. His lack of personal drive was baffling to most, even those close to him. Like all squats, he had a taste for heavy drink, though his was rumored to be excessive even by a Squat's standard. 

Often his superiors would submit his picts for award consideration, with frequent wins and most of the resultant bonuses going to those above him. Honestly, Teague couldn't be bothered to even care. He soldiered on quietly, mindlessly. Rather than reap the rewards of his minimal though still spectacular picts, he instead chose to live in his once decent but soon dilapidated and trash filled, mid-spire hab.

After a century or so of dutiful (and in his opinion) effortless work for the Propagandus, Teague reconnected with an old love from his youth and chose to suddenly retire and move onto a happy retirement on a distant world. 

Within days of his departure, that dream was shattered. Details are few, it is believed that his personal daemons (liquid and otherwise) which probably lead to his lack of drive in life came to a head, and his love cast him off. 

Walking off into the unknown...

He sold all of his pict recorders, claiming 'that wasn't him anymore'. He sobered himself up (no mean feat for even a modestly drinking Squat), tried in vain to clean up his hab before selling it all, and along with a not to insubstantial inheritance, he purchased what is officially a small Chartist vessel, but would be better described as a curiously warp capable garbage scow. 

Teague chose to end his days in the difficult, dirty and dangerous work of a lowly Chartist captain (as is evidenced by his bionic arm after losing his own in an industrial accident aboard his own ship). His vessel, the Knuckledragger departed with without fanfare and for points unknown. Sadly, Teague and the Knuckledragger haven't been heard from since. 


Originally, Captain Teague was going to be the Rogue Trader-esque captain who hauled Inquisitor McClellan around the galaxy as like said inquisitor, Teague is also based off of someone I once knew. I only met him once, though he was a decades long RPGing friend and acquaintance of My Beloved Wolfy

Since he deactivated his Facebook account sometime last year, I have no idea where he is. Though presumably (due to a lack of funds) he's still locally punishing himself with his chosen physically demanding, minimum wage jobs in lieu of his gifted photography. Hopefully the remodeling of his woefully neglected home is coming along as well. 

Rather than get any deeper into Teague's personal demise, I'll instead leave you with his 'parting shot' that ended his decades long career at our little local newspaper.

Photo credit: Andre Teague, 7-31-20

Also, for anyone interested: 

The above mini came from Uscarl Miniatures.