Now this is a classic miniature!

OK, yes, actually they both are.

This pic was taken back in 2017. Since then the one on the left has  been painted.  I bought both of these miniatures at the same time to be used as either a Seductress or a Herald. I wasn't sure which would suit either role best at the time, so I just got both. Ultimately, the Epic-scale Keeper of Secrets, now named Mini-Moo, became the Seductress for my metal Daemonettes. This awesome Slaanesh Champion of Chaos is now to become a Herald.

From the original Champions Of Chaos WD ad.

And it's name shall be Sourkiss. Those brave souls who explore this blog might have seen the placeholder for this character on the Rogues page... I have been stewing on this idea for a few years now.

I haven't done anything with any of my Chaos Daemons in a long time, but Da Masta Cheef challenged me to another 750 point game and despite my desire to continue to learn how to use Space Marines in this edition, I wanted to try something radical. An army of Slaaneshi daemons seemed to fit the bill. But I wanted to add some color to my unique Herald. 

Barely battle-ready.

I used Black Templar Contrast Paint on the swords and armor, Warpfiend on the flesh with a wash of Druchii Violet to get the skin tones started and a brown for the scroll. 

A lot more battle-ready! 

Next I basecoated the leather bits in Abaddon Black and the sword using an old Citadel color called Polished Blue. 

The base will be done up before I go much further with the painting. I am getting this model battle-ready but don't want grit flaking off into my miniatures case. 

But that's as far as I can get for now (out of time), you'll likely have seen Sourkiss in it's first battle report before you see this post. I hope to finish this model soon as I would like to see it included in 2021's Year End Review.