And thus the entirety of my Tau's vehicle compliment (currently anyways) is complete!

Still making progress, despite the fact that my grandfather passed away unexpectedly last week in the wee hours of Thursday morning. He was a truly amazing man, and I can't even hope to sum him up in a few words on this page. 

Luckily I was able to take my grandmother to see him for a bit the evening before he passed and there was no indication that he was at his end. Meaning it was quick, if not instant. Like myself and My Beloved Wolfy, Ma and Granddaddy's last words (after 74 years) were 'I love you' along with a kiss goodnight. 

That's the best way to go if there is such a thing. 

This little bunch finishes out my pulse rifle equipped strike team and the hogziliary squads. 

As for my Tau, this week was mostly repaints. Those being the two former Fem Fa'Tau breachers, one last Hogziliary, as well as a fire warrior that I previously thought would need to be converted into a breacher (until I realized that I had miscounted and found myself  short one fire warrior for the pulse rifle squad). 

It almost looks all green, with the grey areas practically invisible under all that grime.

I also painted the piranha's two gun drones. Taking a bit of a break from the infantry, I then went on to completely repaint the also former Fem Fa'Tau vehicle. I'm sure that I never finished painting it originally as I was bouncing back and forth between it as well as a Hammerhead and Devilfish, not a recommended technique.

I always have a hellova time inking vehicles. The wash leaves dark splotches all over, and the model looks just plain awful afterwards. Thus the heavy dry brushing of grime which hides all sins. 

All were in the same half painted state when I gave up on them, never to return (certainly wasn't the easiest of color schemes to paint either). Now it only has six colors in total. As such  progressed quite a bit on it in a very short time and managed to finish it up yesterday morning, prior to leaving for granddaddy's funeral.

It camouflages quite nicely with my deck (which is in dire need of  being re-stained).

As before with the loss of my stepfather many years ago, more recently My Beloved Wolfy, Hoss, and now Granddaddy, painting minis is an excellent way to tune out the world for a little bit of a happy respite. That said, after the initial tears of this past week, yesterday's viewing and internment ceremony at the Mountain Home National Cemetery for Granddaddy (nobody can make it thru the playing of Taps with a dry eye), the day very much ended as a celebration of life!

The vulnerable underbelly.