Not sure what's more ominous, the approaching Deathwatch marines, or Neverness himself looming above them!

There's been VERY little hobby time here of late. Indeed, I didn't stop working around the yard/house, and on packing stuff up last night till I realized it was a quarter to 10pm! That's been about the norm here of late. 

The closet of doom, normally so loaded with gaming paraphernalia that even my long arms can barely reach into its depths, is almost entirely boxed up. Found all sorts of junk in there i didn't know I even had...or wanted really. 

Note his eyes, glazed with confusion....

That said, I did skip out on my real life responsibilities to play a game of 40k with both Mike and Neverness.  Also of note, this was my GF's son Frankie's introduction to 40k! Which slowed things even further down than just 3 players who are always very rusty on the actual rules to the game. 

Much like Screech was at that age, Frankie's inclination was to sit back and snipe. As such the pulse rifle equipped Fire Warriors in the tower were his favorite unit.

Neverness will have a battle report forthcoming, so watch his space for that!