I have been waiting for the weather to improve and at around 19/20 degrees this last week, I took the plunge and printed off some miniatures. They turned out very well, with only 1 model lost due to my own error with placement on the bed.

As I was not expecting the prints to work in all honesty, I didn’t really plan too much and printed off two batches of legionnaires with plasma guns and two batches of Centurions, one with a power sword and the other with power claws (both with plasma pistols).

I have 11 Legionnaires with plasma guns, enough for a couple of different armies, and 4 Centurions with power claws and 2 with power swords. Not a bad haul for 2 days of printing on an Elegoo Mars which has a small print bed.

As mentioned, I am pretty much going about this randomly as I don’t even know what the rule requirements are for the army lists.

My next batch, if the weather is good enough on the weekend, is to print off batches of missile launcher and flamer Legionnaires. Assuming that goes well it will be followed by volkite armed Legionnaires.

My main issue as it was with the previous posts on the HH is choosing a legion or legions as my project focus.

List of candidates are:

·        Alpha Legion

·        Sons of Horus

·        Iron Warriors

·        Night Lords

You are not wrong of you don’t see any Loyalists in there or is there?

Let me know what legions you guys would like to see.