That the blurred out yoof in the background is suffering from as much angst as his GorkaMorka counterpart here on the left!

Recently Neverness inquired about our (usually) annual Orks vs. Orks game. I had no idea what my army totaled up to  using the new codex, nor did I even know what was even still included in my collection. Thus, I dug out Da boyz, and tallied everything up (minus da bomma which I'll get to in a bit) and they clocked in at about 850ish points. 

Looking to up that total to 1k, I perused eBay and found a decently painted mob of 10 shoota boys, lead by a nob with a slugga and power klaw, as well as a rokkit launcha grunt for a whopping $17.50! 

There were also three extras thrown in: the above shoota boy who was headless, a poorly painted GorkaMorka boy, and an old OOP WHFB Black Ork with 2 hand weapons on a square base. 

I'm gonna get you sucka!

As you can see I repainted da GorkaMorka yoof (tis a bit shiny in these pics as I hadn't yet matte varnished him). He's pretty well equipped for just a yoof, meaning he likely knifed a Bad Moon yoof in da back (in typical Blood Axe fashion) and stole his gear.  

For the headless ork, I scrounged up a primed spare out of my bitz box, glued it in place and painted it up. The result is a decent enough match to the original paint as can be seen above. The square baser was given to Frankie as a test mini to try and see if he likes painting minis or not. That'll likely be another post in the future.

Anyways, this new mob rounds Da Groop out to bout 1k, or at least it did until the new point values were released. I'll wait till Battlescribe updates before I see if that made any difference or not. 

Da camo trousers puts the new mob squarely in da Blood Axe camp!

As for da Bomma (bleh, I hope he repaints everything but the krew), 7 years ago Admiral Drax held a contest on his blog, I won and as such he painted my Tankbustas for me as my prize. That popped up as a Facebook memory and I asked if he had the 7 year itch to paint some more Orks. 

To my amazement he did! After some discussion, we decided on my Blitzbomma which I had more or given upon some ways back. I didn't care for the direction my color scheme was going in, and not knowing what to do, I put it in its battlefoam tray and forgot about it. There it has languished for almost two years now.

Anyways, Drax and I settled on an expedited completion date of 1-3 years. So, it'll take a bit for my 'mediocre commission' as he calls it. Late last week da grots loaded up and filled da long ways fyool tanks and da bomma iz now flyin' over da sea for its extended deployment to da Ooh-kay! 

Drax's refused any compensation for this wonderous deed aside from enjoying the challenge of the project. Not content with that though, I opted for at least a little way of saying thank you. Meaning that hhere's an extra bit of kit on a one-way trip included in da box. I even gift wrapped it!

Who knows, maybe Drax will keep us updated on the project on his long-neglected blog...