My Hogzilaries valiantly taking the objective!

We got in a sorta game last weekend. The usual four player free-for-all, though we ought to have played a 2v2 game given the late start. But whatever, here's a few pics in lieu of a proper battle report as we only managed 2 turns and I only took a handful. 

See, Zerg swarm. Just like I said. Not pictured is my newly purchased, fully painted Forgeworld Remora drone. Turn 1 it strafed Rob's Thousand Sons, surprisingly killing two due to atrocious rolls on his part. I had hoped to wing over and do the same to Mike's Deathwing who would no doubt blow it out of the sky, BUT...Rob had psykers. So instead it died to psychic mortal wound Spam, because that's apparently all his psykers do.

For whatever reason, the first two turns of every game, the Swine invariably advance 10-12" per turn.

Cameron, a Necromunda veteran who crossed the Rubicon divide. Not only he was fielding a fully painted Smurf army, but a slightly off color one that perfectly matched his hoodie (totally not planned, or so he insisted...). Cameron, Neverness and I ought to team up for a Smurfs vs everybody game!

Not only were my Swine the first to reach the central objective in turn two, but they even wounded a Thousand Son with a shotgun blast to the back! The T-Sons had been teleported across the board by one of Rob's psykers, which is what brought them (barely) into range.

The only glimpse I have of Mike's Deathwing in my pics. 

That shotgun wound was not appreciated, and the Hogzilaries were incinerated into bacon in short order. Here we see the Muppets who are about to suffer the same fate.  

Perhaps it was a good thing that we only played 2 turns, as I had already taken 30-40 casualties! That's not a sustainable number of losses if one intends to reach the end of turn 5! 

That said, the highlight of the game for me was when my Breachers vaporized a unit of Smurf Aggressors in one volley, though not before the fuckers had already wiped out 2 units of my own!

Doubt I'll make it to game night this week though, so will have to entertain you with painted minis next week I guess.