But who's retinue are they?

With these four, I'm calling my participation in this year's Inquisitorial Conclave complete. Originally, these guys were to be Inquisitor Tibadaux's retinue of liberated miners. However, with one guy sleeveless, and the other in short sleeves, they don't much look the part of cold weather-equipped warriors. 

Likewise, their motley assortment of kit, and the color variations thereof don't fit well with Inquisitor Vinderthoff's immaculate tastes in attire. As such, they'll instead go to my most frequently fielded Inquisitor, Othias (he had yet to be named at the time of that post). 

In a group chat of my gaming friends, somebody recently suggested putting Smurf bitz matching my army as basing decoration as a way of mockery. Little did they know I had already done just that!

Vinderthoff  meanwhile will await the soon to be rereleased Eucidian Starstriders (just the lasgun toting grunts...and maybe the dog) from RTKT, whereas Tibadaux will get...I don't know, something. Until I figure out what, her Rhino can wait. 

The decal-turned-tattoo worked out nicely I think.