The ever wily Neverness during last weekend's game. Yes, he has a battle report in the works... 


So this week I painted...

Actually I didn't do a damned thing right until I took the following photos and then wrote this post. Once again I have Papa Nurgle to thank for this (no, the shot I got last month didn't help at all). Monday at work was a nosedive into oblivion (I was masked and thus my coworkers were spared), and today is the first day in which I feel halfway-ish human again. Well mostly.

 But enough of that shit, on to the fun stuff:

Its a Tau House! Lacking any windows, I would imagine that little pre-fab structures like this would serve as weapons caches, listening posts, guard shacks, and a myriad of other uses. 

Not sure if this particular shack is being overrun by the local fauna do to a lack of use/maintenance, or if it's simply an attempt at camouflaging worst of those egregious print lines.

Models can go inside for close combat purposes, though if you think I'm going to paint details on the inner walls then think again!

The first container started is the last one finished, how ironic. The doors aren't glued in place which is annoying, but they'd just snap off otherwise I would need something for a 2 inch x 9 inch base Neverness, this is exactly why I was 'distracted by a piece of balsa wood' at the FLGS last weekend. 

The 'office' end of the container. The box off to the right likely doubles as a seat.

Look how neatly organized that stuff is, there's a view of the contents here.

All of the containers together. I don't think it's visible in any of my prior pics of it, but somebody apparently died quite messily while next to the yellow container.