My favorite sculpt of the handful that I have, making her the squad's leader by default. 

On Christmas day I started painting up some of Hasslefree Miniatures' Modern Adventurers. I've always wanted to just chill and paint minis on Christmas. Ya know, just relax after the family gatherings, gift exchanges, food and other fun stuff. I never had the chance to do so as my mother always made Christmas into a big production where everybody had to spend all day together in a 'forced-fun' scenario (yes, even all the way into my late 40s). 

This year however, aside from making dinner for Grandma at her house, we did our own thing and we rather liked it. Am pretty sure this will become our default Christmas plan from now on. 

These four are all female, of the remining three to paint there is one more female (the driver) more or less flipping the male-to-female ratio in a typical mixed gender unit.  

Anyways,  I've had most of these for years, with only a few recent acquisitions. I have seven total minis in this collection, a squad of six, a driver and their APC. I will of course post a final group shot when I get the rest painted up.  

The (literal) rear view, more to show their varied kit rather than their tiny little butts. Personally I've never been a fan of the sexy soldier sculpts that sadly populate so many sci-fi-female miniature ranges. 

A close up of the squad leader on the left and one of her subordinates. 

They're basically 'near future' fighters, equipped with similar though not really standardized body armor. All are armed Heckler & Koch G36c carbines, as well as holstered sidearms. These could easily be used as Ariadna troopers of some sort for Infinity (not that I was ever able to wrap my head around that maddening ruleset). 

Close up of the other two troopers. 

In all likelihood they'll just find a little spot in which to reside in my display case. Though if we were to come across a decent near-future skirmish ruleset I wouldn't mind using them on the table top at some future point.