This past Saturday my Buddy Rob and I arranged to get a 1k game of 40k in. I was fielding my Orks again, indeed it was the same exact list as was used vs. Kushial. Rob said they'd be a welcome change from the norm and he brought his Votann out for another go. 

As he walked in the door at the FLGS he looked at me and said two things: 'Don't say no and don't eBay them.' He then hands me 2 plastic cases and says 'Call it a wedding present, enjoy.' Not knowing what he was going on about I opened the top case and found his old Ork army. 

'Dude what the hell?!?' 

To which he replied that they had been in languishing in a corner of his closet, hadn't moved in years, and he had no intention of ever using them again. 

Holy shit, seriously?

So what all did he give me? Well, excluding 20ish orks without bases and or missing parts (which are likely in the bottoms of said cases), and half as many again of 2nd ed grots, I tallied them up to the following:

99 AoBR Slugga boys

38 Plastic Grots

3 metal Big Shoota Boys

2 metal Burna boys

8 metal Rokkit launcha boys

2 runtherders (1 Metal)

1 metal pain boy

1 metal nob with waaaugh banna

1 metal Big Mek with KFF

20 Nobs, 6 with power klaws, the rest big choppas

1 AoBR Warboss

Am pretty sure that's an accurate count of what's pictured above. Needless to say the Orks are suddenly my biggest of armies by a wide, wide margin! Haven't even started to reorganize my army, but as I seriously doubt I'll be gaming any next weekend, I have time to figure it out I guess. 

Tankbustas + Battlewagon once again = Winning!

As for the game, Da Groop put a good ol' wollop'n on the Votann claiming victory for the 2nd week in a row. Collectively there was something like 80+ VPs with the Orks leading by about 20 or so. GW's secondary mission cards along with the scenario conditions result in so many friggin' VPs (often collected in increments of 5 or more) that you all but need a calculator to keep up.