My first squad (sans oxygen masks).

The Imperial Guardsmen of the Star Wars universe are undoubtedly the Mud Troopers. These guys were easily one of the best parts of the Solo movie. 

I've designated this guy as the squad leader by adding a red stripe to his shoulder pauldrons.

Technically this guy ought to have been the leader as he looks as though he's listening to incoming orders, but he was already painted when that occurred to me, and so was demoted to mere grunt.

Bereft of his E-10 blaster rifle, this guy looks like he just picked himself up out of the muck to throw a grenade as he has nothing else left to fight with.

Trooper #4 looks like he's tripping over this small boulder. Of the three advancing troopers this one had by far the most awkward pose.

Strategically advancing in the other direction!

I have another squad of four grunts, four support weapon troopers to give both squads two options for said support weapon, plus a generic officer, and lastly a crewman to have standing in the hatch of my TX-225 Occupier tank (once I figure out just where that's buried in the basement). The next Legion project is to finish painting my Rebel 'pizza cannon' which I found while looking unsuccessfully for the tank.