This little lady has Badass written all over her!

My woefully ineffective pizza cannon from the battle of Hoth is complete! As you can tell by both the crew and basing, this one clearly wasn't used in that debacle. 

I originally had pondered adding camo netting to the cannon, but figured the energy build up in that dish would likely ignite it and thus left it uncamouflaged. 

In hindsight, I ought to have used the gun captain above as my little army's generic officer. That said I was wary of popping her off of the base as 3D printed minis have an alarming habit of losing their feet when you try to rebase them.

The gunner with his eyes on the cannon's sites. 

Honestly I'm not quite sure why I stopped work painting it previously, as this was almost done. A few touch ups on the crew, inking followed by a light dry brushing on said crew and all that was left to do was the basing. 

A better view of the gunner and battery pack. 

I was careful to not obscure the quadrant lines which are used for firing arc purposes.

As you can see from this aerial view, the base blends really well with my deck railing!