Myself and a couple of guys down the club have decided to start up Conquest Last Argument of Kings by Para Bellum Games, and after watching some bat reps and listening to the fantastic Vanguard Garage Gaming podcast I've gone with The Dweghom as my faction.

I picked up a couple of boxes of troops and found some great slapchop paint guides on Youtube that were quick and easy to follow! I tried them out on a couple of characters first and here are the results:

Hold Raegh

Tempered Steelshaper

Characters in this game join units but stay on their own trays.. you can add a few additional models to represent upgrades you give them but I've decided not to go down that route and mount them on a cavalry base and greenstuff to fill the gaps around the base.

Regular infantry form up four to a tray, with cavalry and monsters and monstrous infantry doing one per tray.