The Old World: Marauder Horsemen

 Still alive, works been mental and these buggers have been sat on the paint station for two weeks!Will get the other five finished after my Chimera haha

The Old World and Mordheim: Varghulf!

Just the one today, I've painted up a new Varghulf Courtier model to be an Ogre bodyguard in my Mordheim Warband, and got him on a 50mm base so he will work fine for my future Strigoi themed Vampire Counts army for Old World:

The Old World: Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount

Time for a proper fighter in the army with a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount:The Karkadrak kit from AoS, its a little large for TOW but will do until i can get the more recent Lord model.

Pacific Rim: Apex Drone

 I printed out another Kaiju Drone but this time i decided to paint it up as Apex from the superb Netflix show "The Black"Its not quite an exact match but its close enough and portrays suitable menace haha

The Old World: Chaos Heroes

Rounding out my next 500pt block are an Aspiring Champion with Battle Standard and an Exalted Sorcerer:These AoS models fit perfectly fine on the new 30mm bases, and im looking forward to using them in a couple of games this week!