Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. The latest addition to the Relictors ranks is for the growing 4th Company, a Sergeant for the next Tactical Squad (currently just two, RTB01 Tactical Squads and a few Dev Sqds). This is a long overdue miniature, Veteran Sergeant Aurelius from Gamesday 2005!
I added a banner and a larger 32mm base using a TTAdapters 25-32mm ring.
He will lead a Tactical Squad I have procured from my mate Goddenzilla at Kaiju Country blog as he was shifting some Relictors he had painted in the far distant past and needed to make room for more projects (he has made a magnificent Imperator Titan). He also let me have 18 more Casteferrum type Dreadnoughts which I will slowly re-do some bases etc.
I was rather pleased with the face, it was the first time I used Guilliman Flesh contrast over Kislev Flesh. He has tons of detail, from sculptor Juan Diaz, the apex of GW's metal casting before failcast and expansion of plastics...

Cheers, Siph (10pts Character)