Back to the brushes after a much needed holiday!

Today I've painted some Convict Drones for a new sci fi wargame called Sythopian Wars, a large scale skirmish game played on a 4x4 with alternating activations and reactions.

The game has a simple points system called "Threat" where you agree at the start to play say a 5 Threat game for example, with units costing either 1 or 2 Threat to build your army with. The two forces in the Founders set are 4 Threat armies and make great forces for intro game... i suspect that the sweet spot will be 6-8 for a decent sized game of a couple of hours.

Convict Drones are the basic infantry unit for The Confederation faction, armed with long range guns and reasonable armour, the rest of the factions current line up is all mechanised troops.

The other released faction are The Asylumists, blood crazed insane cyborgs haha, and ill be getting on to painting them soon enough.