I've reached quite a cool moment on my hobby.. For the first time in the 20ish years I've been playing, I've actually got a fully painted 2000 point army for 40k!

I've collected a lot of armies over the years, but I've never been all that disciplined in getting them painted. I've always gotten distracted by other projects.

Having taken part in a 40k league at the local club for the last six months though, it's helped me focus quite considerably.

It helped that Orks are quite fun to paint and I chose quite a simple paint scheme. It still took me the better part of two years since restarting the army to get there though. 

Just in time for 10th Edition to screw with the points!

It's fine though, it gives me a solid pool of finished models to draw on to keep to my goal of only playing with painted models in 10th, with a fair few more that could be finished quite quickly if I want to use something different, so it's onwards and upwards from here!

Next up is getting some Corsairs ready for a Middle Earth event at the end of the month, then tackling the Leviathan box, so that should be a lot of fun. 

Until next time, happy hobbying!