New on Xbox...

...or, maybe not.

Originally, I had intended to make a little diorama with these little guys. However upon reading the rules for the forthcoming Ewok slingers, I instead decided to put them on bases to uses as possible proxies instead. I had thought of getting a droid when I ordered them off of Etsy, but I didn't. Luckily for me the seller added this 'Gonk' droid as a freebie!

Slightly different focus on this pic.

The new Ewok slingers will have the following rules which sound very Jawa (if not more so) to me:

Unhindered: You ignore the effects of difficult terrain (maybe more Ewok here).

Low Profile: While defending against an attack, if  you have cover, cancel one additional hit (50/50).

Target: After being issued an order, gain 1 Aim token (ok, this one doesn't really fit Jawas or Ewoks in my opinion).

A better view of all four.

Also their weapons are pistol ranged and 'primitive' or in the case of Jawas, crummy. The online, theoretical consensus (as they've not revealed what primitive means exactly) is that they can't inflict any critical hits. In close combat they have stones to hit with (again 50/50).

They also have the unique upgrade card of 'Insatiable Curiosity': Choose an enemy unit in base contact with this unit's leader, if that unit has a heavy weapon, equipment or basic weapon upgrade card (unique or otherwise), discard that upgrade and suffer 1 wound. So basically, they're caught stealing someone's stuff and get shot for it. That's very Jawa-ish to me. Far more so than the Ewoks. 

The classic 'Beatles' pose.

Their other upgrades are all very Ewok but still, for a mere 39 points (with the insatiable curiosity card), you get a half dozen minis of questionable value ,running around and inflicting comic relief. I've always run units like that in 40k, so why should Legion (if I ever play it) be any different? 

Showing their backsides as they flee at the first signs of enemy resistance. 

By now, its basically a foregone conclusion that I'm going to order some more Jawas at some future date. Currently however I just got a squad of Rebel Troopers and an AT-RT which were at roughly 50%, as well as an unridden Bantha for that aforementioned diorama off to keep me occupied.

A better view of the leader's pack with a droid arm sticking out of it (available at a discount, just for you...).