Well I guess its time for another bi-weekly (or so) blog post. I've downloaded everything I need for 10th ed 40k, and...that's basically it. Haven't even really looked thru the PDFs other than to delete out the units I don't have. For example: I reduced the 250+ page Smurf index to 30ish pages. I've heard mostly positive reviews thus far, but haven't been too enthused to give it a try myself...yet.

Baby Yoda's looking a bit dark, may need to scrounge/blend up a lighter shade of green.

Instead I've been focusing my painting and gaming efforts on Battletech and useless shit Star Wars Legion. I guess its about time that I've had some actual, official foot troopers to go with my pizza cannon and all of the 3D printed minis. Nothing fancy, but cheap, functional and expendable. 

I really like this new type of tufts I bought. This ion trooper looks like's she's slogging thru weeds and bramble. 

I painted them to match the fleet trooper look of their army's commander. Again, just using whatever borrowed kit they could find to blend in with the local terrain. Also like their commander, they're quite dirty meaning they've been planet side for quite some time.

There's no telling if the different colored fly traps represent different species, or rather healthy vs. unhealthy plants. Either way, I wouldn't stick my hand in there if I were you...