Some armies will not go quietly into the night...

It seems that whenever I get rid of all of my Firstborn marines, somebody gives me their Firstborn marines. Indeed, I've gotten rid of virtually all of my Firstborn (barring a few buried stragglers) TWICE now. Yet, once again here we are. Rejoice Zzzzz, your boys are back!

Currently I have 4 of the 10 needed.

The weekend before last, Neverenss and I were getting in our 2nd game of 10th ed and Rob swung by the shop and handed me another box of Orks and grots (3-4 sealed boxes of the latter), these being the last remnants of the horde he gave me last year. In the bottom of said box were some AoBR marines. In addition, I had a 2nd ed 40k missile marine that Kushial gave to me to pass on to Neverness. Instead Neverness suggested I keep it. 

1 of 10...sounds like a Borg name.

Neverness likes to give me hell about repeating armies and I certainly expect to hear such shenanigans again here. Curiously, I missed the Coyotes as soon as I got rid of them, though not their difficult paint scheme. Indeed, the Black Dragons were borne out of an attempt to reverse their colors, but to no avail.

The pauldron rim and tactical arrow are now in black, and the IV indicates the squad number.

Having a handful of firstborn again thanks to Rob, I thought I'd give my Coyotes another try, the marine above is the result. I ditched the infernal Gryph-Hound Orange contrast paint that caused me so much grief, and used Jokaero Orange instead.  Black, leadbelcher, a Vallejo brown for the leather and a sepia wash layer and there ya go, easy-peasy. 

Its not really visible here, but the chapter icon is the same.

The basing was also simplified with just sand glued to a bone colored base with some tufts. In addition to the slight color changes, and squad numbering, there is a "II" above the chapter icon on the pauldron, marking this marine out as a member of the 2nd company. 

Rob said he thought he had a few more of these, worst case I'm sure I can scrounge a few from Kushial (NO MORE ARMIES Kushial, just a few if Rob can't find 'em) to flesh out a single tac squad to add to one of my Primaris armies for variety's sake.