One of my mates who runs the Warmaster.Podcast and Blackgate Miniatures decided he wanted to get playing some 15mm Ancients, and having a look about about a few systems, has decided on L'art de la guerre (ADLG) due to rave reviews, ease of entry and only needing a 4x3 board and not giant armies!

I decided to get involved too, but I'd want to purchase a painted army that i could add bits to as i don't have the time for another big project at the moment:

So i purchased this entire painted army of Classical Indians (Around the time of Alexander), I redid the base rims but its a full 200pts force for a standard game of ADLG.. If i'm gonna play Ancients then i have to use elephants haha.

Having read through the rules and worked out what i had, i decided to pick up a couple more light cavalry units, a camp and some elite infantry in the form of Maiden Guard (All from Museum Miniatures), they fit perfectly as the existing army is also from Museum:

Painting is close enough that i'm happy with, basing will also do for now too. The best thing about this army is that i can just add a few specific units should i decide to change periods.. no full army required!