Getting this in early as we are off out for the evening... although will most likely be home and asleep before midnight haha.

This year has been an odd one for hobbying, as can be seen by only 62 blog posts and 522 models painted... quite a bit less than last year! I've had many patches of time where there has been zero motivation to paint or build stuff, and others where its been all guns blazing; no constant hobby.

That said i have managed to get some cool stuff painted: A Dweghom army and a Nords army for Conquest, Sythopian Wars Starter Box, A Norman army for On Bloody Ground, Empire for Starwars Legion and Paraguayans for MWWBKs.

Older projects like the Baratheon's and Neutrals for ASOIAF have gone as the game evolved into something that wasn't for me, and Conquest has nicely taken its place this year!

As for next year i have two big projects in mind; Flesheater Courts for Age of Sigmar... and Warriors of Chaos for Warhammer Old World whoop! I've spent the last week building up a load of AoS Slaves to Darkness on square bases haha and its been glorious.

2024 is going to be glorious!