This speeder may have dipped a bit low to dodge and incoming round (or tree branch?) and judging by the windscreen, went thru rather than over some muddy water!

Well this was both fun, and a relatively quick paint job! Now that I have new hobby lighting, I'm back in business when it comes to painting minis. We even had some warm-ish weather the other day enabling me to prime as much as I could (in between rain squalls). 

Visibility, who needs it? Also, in hindsight I ought to have put that fern to the left rather than under the speeder, but oh well. 

I've never liked the blaster cannon mounted on the hood and so opted to put it over the starboard 'wing'. Note, said wing and engine nacelle are mostly blue. Clearly this X-34 took some damage in a past engagement and another machine was cannibalized for parts. 

The blaster is glued in place, so no ion options for these Rebels.

Due to the blaster's position, the Rodian rifleman was omitted from this model. I had to have the Twi'lek gunner with the RPS-6 rocket launcher though! The Rodian will likely end up in a trooper squad or something.

The camouflage was created using some old stencils from Fallout Hobbies and two layers of primer.

Basically this is the Star Wars equivalent of the the modern day, insurgent technical. Fast, fragile and sort-of effective. I'm thinking that this will work as a high speed distraction, hopefully getting into the enemy backfield and causing problems.

'Look lady, I'm driving, so I get to pick the radio station!'