Progress on my Star Wars Legion armies continue, this time with my third army entry: the Separatist Alliance. 

The yellow trimmed droid is the squad leader. I had to quickly snap these pics as there was a serious chance of a gust of wind blowing these off of the deck's railing!

Whilst this isn't this faction's first post on here, for a little while there it was in danger of being it's last. These fragile little fuckers aren't only a bitch to assemble, they're no picnic to paint either! Especially as I'm dry brushing these which puts a bit more stress on these spindly minis. 

This chunk of droid will decorate something's base.

Two broke during the painting process, one irreparably. This means my second, otherwise unpainted squad will include the backpackless OOM Security droid. Indeed, in a fit of nerd rage I almost boxed the whole lot of them up and posted them to eBay. Luckily for these infernal minis, I was too busy with the holidays and instead they just got shoved aside.

The little blue swatch on the back of their heads is my way to identify the different squads (assuming the other one ever gets painted). 

Speaking of this force, I had intended to use the Experimental Droids battleforce under the auspices of they're just old, somehow still functioning and thus rusty droids. However teh interwebz' meta gamers insist that that this battleforce list sucks! 

Whereas in my case, the Experimental Droids list is restricted from including spider droids. Spider droids are my favorite droid model, so I'm right there with the meta gamers, albeit for entirely different reasons. Thus I repainted the their guns to not look rusty, and these will instead run (theoretically someday) as a standard issue droid force. 


In other Legion progress, I painted up the Speeder's unused Rodian rifle gunner. While I was tempted to make a card using him as a rookie bounty hunter or the like, I'll likely just use him as a grunt in my rebel trooper squad.

Online, Rodians seem to be one of the most hated of Star Wars alien species. I'm guessing its due to the seemingly useless suction cups on the ends of their fingers.

As you can see, I also painted up two barricades. These two are a different color than the rest which are grey. The reason for that is because they were used as stands for the X-34 in my last post, as it was receiving a second coat of primer. 

One of these barricades was blown off of the railing by the wind. Luckily they're both solid pieces and well varnished. Thus no chipping was incurred.