This may be the first time for this blog, where I have a painted model sitting in the snow. 

Before I talk about my latest project, I was hoping that maybe some of you would be able to help out my personal friend Neverness. Had his supervisor not decided to take him to the ER as a precaution last week, we might have lost him forever. While he's in much better shape at the moment, the both physical and financial ramifications of his sudden bad turn of health has turned his world upside down. As such, his family has created a GoFundMe for him and if you can help him out a bit we would all be grateful. Also a word of caution on GoFundMe: the 'suggested tip' at the end is both unnecessary, and does not go to Neverness' benefit. GoFundMe keeps that for themselves on top of the fees that they collect, the sneaky gits!


This was one of the first minis I that I bought for Legion, and unlike the rest of my early models, this was the only one I didn't either sell or trade away. I'm glad I didn't as it is a really cool looking model, not quite sure if it qualifies as a proper tank though. 

Unfortunately the sponson guns are fixed forward, whereas I think they ought to be able to fire backwards as well. As for the chin mount, I don't think that would remain functional on anything but the smoothest of terrain! 

Kyber crystals all loaded up and ready to go. 

Or are they just boxes of ration packs?

In all likelihood, the containers will just be used as scatter terrain.

The Occupier is more of an armed transport in my opinion. Sure it has guns because what Imperial vehicle doesn't? The Mudtrooper crewman seems more appropriate as I see this as a second line unit as opposed to say an AT-ST.

About the only sort of cargo that this would likely carry in a game would be an infantry unit of some sort. I hear weapon emplacements are popular with these as it gives them some much needed mobility.

I swapped the stormtrooper crew out for a 3D printed Imperial army/Mudtrooper crewman, though I think he was supposed to be the guy that Chewbacca tossed off of the top of that AT-ST on Endor.

Hopefully I will get this dirty ol' rust bucket on the tabletop some time in the near future.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this model. This is the last of my unpainted Legion vehicles. Indeed, I think that I have little more than a dozen or so minis across all three of my factions left to paint!