No, this isn't another Star Wars Legion post. Rather for the second time now I've won an NOCF charity raffle! Ya know, I had been donating to these raffle for years to no avail. Only about $15-$20 at a time and win or not, its always for a good cause. 

After this, yes I will go into that asteroid field!

About a year and a half ago I won a pair of Iyanden Warlocks which now reside in my display case. This time around, I won a Salamanders Infernus marine. It's a great paint job, though I find it a bit curious that a Salamanders' Icon decal was not applied. Or painted on, given just how good the flames are freehand painted onto the other pauldron. 

The Mrs. rather liked the discolored metal of the pyreblaster.

The strangely blank pauldron.

This one however is just perfect!

Nice base too!

And he is off to scour Screech's display shelf of dust bunnies with extreme prejudice!

Nice as this is, I have no use for it other than to decorate my display case. As such I gifted it to Screech who is now the proud owner of his first painted Salamander! I told him that he ought to be a sergeant or something despite the green helmet, to which he replied: 'Like he's ever going to leave the shelf'. 

Can't be risking that pretty paint job with a potential fall from the table I guess.