My apologies for the crummy lighting & backdrop,
it is usually just about dark when I get home (or raining outside). 

This week I've been trying to finish off the menagerie of half painted minis that have been loitering on my desk for the past few weeks. I'm almost finished with a couple more PHIGs, but as that's an almost, I'll save those for my next post. Today I instead present to you another four Mudtroopers. 

Seriously Atomic Mass Games, why are there no official models for these guys yet? 

This bunch includes the blue squad leader, another grunt from the same squad, as well as a pair of specialists armed with a DLT-19 and a E-22. The latter isn't much of a support weapon (hell, Shoretroopers are armed with them as standard). But...those guys are kind of elite whereas Mudtroopers, are more like rookies. As such, its a support weapon. That said, its cost is only a single point more than a regular grunt.

This is the part where they run away!

The DLT-19 is your standard, issue Imperial long ranged anti-armor weapon for infantry. There's one mounted on my Occupier tank's pintle mount as well. I only have four Mudtroopers left to go, another E-22 gunner, a scatter gunner (same stats & cost as the Rebel Fleet Troopers upgrade), and a pair of Mortar emplacement troopers. 

This is the stat card that I made for the mud troopers. As you can see they're similar to that of the Stormtroopers, just crummier (the same can be said for their mortar emplacement Mudtrooper). There's no automatic point calculator for custom units, so I tend to aim high on my point costs. As such, I used the same point cost as standard stormtroopers. The mortar emplacement is the same cost to that of the Shoretooper variety as well. Such are the costs of proxies.