Yes, because he's carrying a Black Flag

This guy's been knocking about on my desk for a few months, so I decided to finally paint him up. Like all of my Dragons he painted up fairly quickly being predominantly of just one color: black (you'd think I'd have more of them painted...). Unfortunately said color makes these guys a bit difficult to photograph as they try to turn into silhouettes. 

There are 7 decals on the standard alone, including the first use of the chapter icons from my new decal sheet.

I'm not sure as to just what type of or how many accolades Mr. Rollins has racked up in his long and varied career, but with this model he gains one more: The most decals that I've ever added to a single infantry model; 11 in total, yeesh.

The left pauldron icon, and a white wing on the thigh armor plate which signifies...something.

The right side thigh plate no doubt tells of his epic deeds. That, or perhaps its just a collection of links to his personal website & webstore, Wikipedia page, Facebook and Instagram...

Armed with the Standard bolt rifle, he's not the most potent of characters, though he does make for a nice centerpiece model who will easily stand out amongst the still mostly primed black horde.  

Insert Khorney joke here.