How do you say 'DAKKA, DAKKA, DAKKA!' in Primaris?

Yeah, yeah, I know they call this thing an 'ATV" but actual ATVs have ground clearance. This thing would likely bottom out on a street side curb! Space marine bikes (both new and old) have always suffered from this trait as well. 

As you see it above, its outfitted in the infantry killing configuration. On the nose it has the driver operated, twin-linked bolt rifle, as well as the pintle mounted Onslaught Gatling Cannon (weaponry naming conventions clearly don't follow the 10th ed 'simpler' concept). 

Collectively pumping out a whopping 10 shots a turn from this little buggy! Add to that, the bolters rerolling wound rolls, and the gatling having devastating wounds, this little ditty ought to be a priority target. As such, I see some outflanking maneuvers in its future...


Or swap out the gatling cannon for a multi-melta (the bolt rifles are fixed), and you get what my buddy Rob's commented: 'Fast moving multi-meltas scare me.' Noted. Although, that's not as much of a concern for me, were I to face one of these (Nevereness has one for example), as I tend to run basic infantry hordes with minimal vehicles and elite units. 

Snap-fit for the win!

As you can see above, the pintle mount and the gunner's arms are not glued in place to allow for the swapping of the main armament. Also, both the gunner, driver, the ATV's handlebars and the cross-shaped armor plate in front of them are also removable to make this easier to paint. 

That said, due to all the nooks and crannies even when it is halfway unassembled again, this will likely go to the Black Dragons. Because well, deep down little details will not really be seen, especially when everything is black. Also, it will give me the chance to drybrush on some lavender 'dust & grime' to match the rest of the army's basing which ought be an interesting change from the norm.