Normally at this range, there would be a bloody brawl of snout-to-snout combat in progress!

I haven't had a whole lot of painting time here of late. Real life has gotten really busy (and is about to get a lot worse!).  Nonetheless, I've snatched a few moments here and there and have managed to paint up the first half dozen Quar from my Clash of Rhyfles set. 

In the name of the ancestors, HALT!

I decided to forego the usual washes, drab colors and heavily drybrushed on layer grime (though there is a little bit of drybrushing on there), instead going for a brighter, more cartoony look. 

My Coftyrans muster out from the coastal town of Quoot.

My Coftyran, Quootish militia wears the traditional blue trimmed in the not so traditional purple. For two reasons: (1) purple is my favorite color and (2) it covers over blue far, far easier than yellow does! You can't really see it in the photos, but they wear purple trousers as well. 

Camouflage is for cowards. 

For the Crusaders, rather than the more militaristic OD green that has been a primary feature of so many of my armies over the years, I went with a much more vibrant green. That said, their uniforms blend very well with the grass in my front yard. Go figure.

Those traditionalist Coftyran idiots, who wears heraldic colors to war?

Battle reports are starting to appear online, so maybe I can wrap my head around the rules for these little guys. If I can't, I was thinking of making unit & upgrade cards on tabletop admiral and just using the Star Wars Legion rules instead. We'll see though.

Note, these are on 20mm bases rather than the standard 25mm ones that they come with.