Sunset? Or an orbital strike? You decide.

Fear not good readers, this is not the end of this here blog, I shall keep it going for all 5 or 6 of you who still peruse it's meagre offerings. That said, this will indeed be my last post made from this blog's birthplace: the Appalachian Subsector (aka: Tennessee). 

Since my last post, my wife found us a fantastic house in the Charleston, South Carolina burbs which we now have under contract. Damn near everything that has not been sold off on Facebook Marketplace, donated to Habitat for Humanity, or else given to/spoken for by friends and family has instead been boxed up in preparation for the impending move.

This includes virtually all of my hobby stuff. That said, the Black Dragons are still accessible, as are my (non-spray) paints and my hobby tools and brushes (though everything save the Dragons who reside in my game cart are also boxed, except said boxes aren't yet sealed up). 

This guy is the last mini to be assembled prior to the impending move.

Time for gaming though? Doubtful before I move, especially as my allergies feel like they're morphing into an illness of some sort for added inconvenience. Yay. That said, for my Tennessee friends and opponents, I will be back up here for the week of the 4th of July, perhaps sooner depending on whether or not work will have my laptop for working remote ready before the move (fingers crossed). 

As for the Gravis Captain above, he will take the place of the Eradicators' escort as the pretty looking, but damned near useless in my opinion, Apothecary Biologis has redeployed to far off battlefields, never to be seen again (by me).