Proper blast from the past haha... I've not played a game of Warmachine since 2016! With the news of Steamforged Games acquisition of the IP and manufacturing to occur in the UK a few of us have decided to get back involved.

I went with the Orgoth as i love the lore and was glad they finally got a range to go with it for this latest version of the game. I have a fair chunk of bits on preorder from SFG but picked up two models to try out schemes with from Wayland Games:

Koldun Lord Korovnik - Mercenary Solo

Jackal Light Jack

These two would be perfect test beds of an armoured model and a cloth model for my planned scheme... basically the same as i used on my Hedonites for AoS a few years back. I think they have come out quite well and am looking forward to painting more in the same vain.