One week till Killadelphia Open GT!

All the details can be located Here. Located at: Horsham VFW Hall324 Saw Mill LnHorsham, PA 19044 The tournament is coming up quickly and with finishing up a few other commissions, I forgot to post an update.  There are still a few tickets left, so if you are on...

RPG WIP Update

Update on the RPG figures again.  Working on the blues for the robes with the customer.  We went for a lighter blue dress so theh cloak can stand out more.  

Ultramarines 3rd Company – Early Stages

This is the next project for me to complete.  Some have been  been painted, but took a "group shot" of all the stuff I have to paint.  The color palette follows the GW painting guide so it will be easier for the customer to duplicate the colors (until...

Kabuki Gothic Knight (Raven Guard Primarch Corax)

Quick shot of the last of the series of Raven Guard I am painting.  This is the Gothic Knight under Kabuki Miniatures Knights of Legend line.  He makes for a great Raven Guard Primarch Corax model.  Most of his stuff is heavily weathered, so I made him...

Grey Knights Brother Captain Stern

 Here is Brother Captain Stern for the Grey Knights.  Like Sammael in the previous post I airbrushed two smaller fades on the power sword as supposed to one longer fade.  I like the effect it had on the model.