Crusaders Heavy Infantry

In 2010/2011 we had a big Field of Glory hype in our local club. So big actually, that even I couldn’t resist and invested in a crusaders army worth 500 […]

Imperial Fists scout

October 3rd is a bank holiday in Germany, so I invited a few friends over for a day of painting, trashtalk, drinks and food. I managed to finish the last […]

Gladiator No. 4 – Secutor

The Jugula project is finished! :) The last gladiator is another type-mashup, with the body of a Secutor and the trident of a Retiarius. Originally, the Secutor fought the Retiarius […]

Demon Slayer

I built a modular photo setup today because I wanted to add a bit of flavor to my pictures by adding some surroundings/backgrounds. It’ll need some more work, but the […]

Gladiator No. 3 – Thraex

This one’s from Italeri, an upscaled variant of their 1/72 set. It will be used as a Thraex but could probably even be used as a Secutor. While fully compatible […]