When I started painting my Trollbloods last year, I knew that I wanted to go with a non-metallic theme. I have always viewed Trollboods as cartoony and fun and something about metallic paint grounded the army a little too much to reality.The issue I had from the...


Journeyman is over and done and I'm moving some of the models I painted. Grab them now before they're gone!I painted them up to a nice standard. I'm starting with Lylyth, looking frosty and cold! Help a brother out and buy my stuff!

Circular Logic: My Experience with Circle Orboros

I have always loved Circle. It is without question my favorite Warmahordes faction. Werewolves, barbarians and their kin are just awesome.I've never been very good with them, though. Honestly, Circle is very different from most other factions. So I want to simply post...