Battletech: Clan Elemental Star

 Rounding out this project for now is my Elemental Star:Able to climb abort friendlies and hitch a ride across the battlefield before striking out at enemy mechs with in close combat or with their lasers and short ranged missiles hehe.

Battletech: Clan and Inner Sphere packs

 Waiting on my last box of Clan stuff to arrive, here's the last of what i have sat in the pile of grey hehe:Clan Heavy Battle StarInner Sphere Urban LanceClan Diamond Shark and the 1st CaesarMagnus Regulars ready to duke it out!

Battletech: Clan Battle Star

 Next up for my Clan Diamond Shark forces is a Battle Star:I have another Star, an Elemental Star and an addition Inner Sphere Lance i picked up on the cheap to do over the coming few days!

Battletech: Getting through the Clan Invasion Kickstarter!

 Waiting for some bits to arrive for my first large project of the year ive decided to get all my Battletech stuff painted!Inner Sphere Shilone Fighter and Urban MechInner Sphere Battle LanceClan Battle Star and extra GladiatorClan Invasion Starter Box Battle...

Battletech: Completing my first company

I recently picked up a couple of 3d prints of mechs off ebay to take me to twelve and a fieldable company to use in Alpha Strike:Zeus and AtlasThe Zeus is an iconic House Steiner mech which seemed appropriate as my force is from the Lyran half of the Federated...