In Defense of Games Workshop…Actually

Hey, folks, SinSynn here. Hmph.I know the lil’ preview box thingy on the homepage is gonna do sumpthin’ funky with my intro, so, uh……Suddenly I’m missing the ol’ school pagebreak, from back in the day when the HoP had the wacky...

Astartes of Charity Ultramarine complete

Finished him off. Excuse the glare, it's a very bright day.Someone else painted a pair of yellow stripes on their marine, so I copied it. The grenade is purple to match the colour of the charity.Cork base. I wasn't brave enough to try glow from the lens, this...
Raptors WIP

Raptors WIP

I'm still putting the Champ and Melta guy together, and waiting on some more DeathGuard Havok shoulderpads.More to come!The Raptor/Warp Talon box is such a great kit!