Warmaster: Moar Demon Infantry

 Last of my Demon infantry finished today:That's a nice start to an army with six regiments of these forming the core! I will soon be placing an order with Barry at Blackgate Miniatures for some reinforcements :-D  

Warmaster: Demon Infantry!

 I finished off another couple of units of the demon infantry for my Warmaster army today:Pretty straightforward and quick to do hehe, just one more of these left in the stockpile till i can pop up the road to Black Gate Miniatures and get some more bits and...

Warmaster: Daemon Infantry

 Just a quickie today, finished off this regiment of daemon infantry in between coats on the next unit of Dust models:Plenty more of these to do, will plod along with the army as and when i can.

Warmaster: Daemon Infantry

Starting on my own Warmaster Daemon army from Black Gate Miniatures, here are a couple of regiments of the infantry:Each unit in the army will hopefully have a different combination of skin and fur colours to make them a proper riot of colour and make the units easier...