Blood and Valor: Ottoman army finished!

 Finished this last squad of riflemen yesterday to complete the army for use in Blood and Valor:I will go back and put a few French tanks and other conversions in down the line to make it useable in Bolt Action though hehe.

Blood and Valor: Yep… more Ottoman Infantry!

 A third unit of infantry for my Ottomans hehe:I have one more pack of these to do which will be after the next Slaanesh unit i get done, this mixing up my projects is really working this year as nothing gets stale or boring or a slog to do!

Blood and Valor: Yep… More Ottomans!

 The Empire continues to summon more troops to the front lines hehe:Infantry SquadTrench RaidersSnipers (The Standing guys are extra rifles in this but will be spotters in Bolt Action)Im really enjoying painting this force, so much so that im going to give them...

Blood and Valor: More Ottoman troops for the front!

 The next round of troops for my Ottomans are done hehe:Command TeamTrench RaidersTrench Catapult75mm ArtilleryThat's my HQ and most of the armies support pieces completed, time to start with the bulk of the infantry sections now!I also have another four Trench...